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A Lifeline for the Life Givers


Pages: 168

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Devotional
  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Calling & Vocation
  • MEDICAL - Caregiving

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662852961

Price : $20.49

Whether working in the profession or caring for a loved one, the life of a caregiver is full of trials, ups and downs, and is often times a rollercoaster of unexpected events. While the road may not be an easy one, caregivers are always there and never give up on their patients, parents, or the person being cared for. There is something about the tenacious spirit of a caregiver; God equips those who are strong enough to take on the task.
Lissette Rodriguez became a caregiver in 2019 of her mother who was diagnosed with dementia and she understands how strong one needs to be to endure the journey. Exhale: A Lifeline for the Life Givers is an encouraging 31-day devotional to give caregivers the gift of Hope and to reassure them God is always present to strengthen them when they feel they are struggling and can’t go on.

Author Photo

Lissette Rodriguez is a powerful teacher, preacher, and a devoted wife, mother, and daughter. She is currently the lead Pastor, alongside her husband, of Hope Worship Center in Aberdeen, NJ. Her heart has always been to give selflessly while loving, encouraging, and building others. In 2019, she became the sole caregiver to her mother currently suffering from dementia and her father with many underlining medical issues. She understands and embraces the significant role God has given her to play in the lives of her family, church, and community. Never running away from a challenge, she has a certification in counseling from Sarasota Christian Academy of Christian Counseling as well as a certification in translating from Brookdale Community College. While juggling many tasks herself, she understands and teaches others the gift and importance of balance. This enables her to be the God fearing woman she is today.

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