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A Tapestry of Love by Richard Allen Stiver

A Tapestry of Love

My Journey back to Victory

by Richard Allen Stiver

Pages: 172

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662853470

Price : $15.49

Firstly, it is a story of my life from birth up to and including the present time. It tells of God’s involvement and pursuit of me through all the bad choices and lack of good judgment. How my failure to continue on the path He set before me from before time left many scars. but also how I have grown to love Him and be obedient to His call. I am now living in Victory and Obedience, and HE is the reason that is so.

I want to say, first of all, my inspiration for writing this book was simply a need to heal and move forward, and not let my past ever define me. I am Fort Wayne born and raised. Adopted by a loving and caring woman that I dearly loved. I also wanted to write this because it needed to be shared and that I am like anyone else with all the struggles and trials. I alone went through these things you are reading, but others have done so as well and I want to be a testimony of God’s Grace and Mercy in bringing back this Prodigal child from a deep pit of self-destruction. God is the thread that holds it all together, this Tapestry of His love and Grace. I also want to say this book is first and foremost dedicated to God through His One and only Son My Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and it is my prayer that any who have yet to receive His Gift of Salvation, will find Him and be set free. I also dedicate this book to my Sister Ann Jorgensen who is a true pioneer for Jesus and I am truly in awe of her and love her dearly. Also to those who are mentioned in these pages who have been a part of my life, you know who you are and I love you as fellow Christ-followers and dear friends.

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