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CAN I DO THIS? by Jamel Freeman


by Jamel Freeman

Pages: 62

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Dysfunctional Families
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing - General
  • SELF-HELP - Substance Abuse & Addictions - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662856181

Price : $12.49

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781662856198

Price : $23.49

The echoes of voices and pain from the past made it feel impossible to shut out the noise. Fighting through suppressed trauma and the struggles of low self-esteem, Jamel was trying to find acceptance and a place to fit. Turning to easy access, escape and coping, he came to that endless sea of hopelessness. The shadows of all he had once longed for seemed so out of reach. All he could do was ask the question: CAN I DO THIS?

Can I Do This? is a powerful story about the thoughts and emotions that alcoholic/addicts go through when entering a rehab facility. Jamel artfully describes the journey from desperation to triumph using the tools and coping strategies he learns in the process. Anyone considering treatment, no matter how many tries they’ve had, can relate to the gut deep honesty of fear, hopelessness, and defeat Jamel describes when he’s had enough and is ready to change. As the story progresses, you can feel the hope and determination start to build within Jamel as he faces his demons and let’s go of the past. Building a relationship with a higher power is essential to recovery and Jamel expresses his relationship and the trust he has in his God in such a way that makes you feel eager to develop your own. Through the good and the bad, Jamel makes recovery feel attainable, even given the heartbreaking circumstances of his story. ~Rachel B.

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Jamel Freeman was born in 1978 in Newark, New Jersey. Growing up both sides of Jamel’s parents were different. One side is family oriented and the other not so much. Alcohol and drugs were experimented on both sides but Jamel never got to see the effect until in his school years. Many challenges, obstacles, trials, and tribulations Jamel faced but this one life- threatening situation changed his life.

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