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BLOOD vs BLOOD by Wilhelmena P. Godfrey


God's Everlasting Blood Covenant

by Wilhelmena P. Godfrey

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The Bible is called the Book of Blood because more than any other subject, the blood is referred to directly or indirectly from Genesis to Revelation.
The only thing that could reconcile God and man was blood. God is holy. The holiness of God demanded that a penalty was paid for sin; blood. Not just any blood, but Innocent human blood.
The Old Covenant was sealed with the blood of animals which TEMPORARILY covered the sins of the Hebrews. The New Covenant was sealed PERMANENTLY with the Blood of Jesus which removes the sin of all men.
God required animal blood as a way for His people to atone for their sins. This ritual only served to expose the sins of the people. Those rituals not only pointed to the severity of the people’s sin, they also pointed to the Coming of the Ultimate Sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Animal sacrifices had to be offered over and over again, daily; continuously. Animal sacrifices had to be done repeatedly because they were only short-term. Those sacrifices symbolized the human sacrifice; the Final Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God never desired animal sacrifices. He wanted a Perfect Human Sacrifice. That is why He sent His Son to shed His Blood and die on the Cross. No amount of animal blood could wash our sins away or pay the death price!
Blood versus blood, hands down, the Blood of Jesus is the Supreme Sacrifice for sin. The Blood of Jesus saves from eternal damnation and gives you eternal life.
Jesus only had to die once, for all: all sin and all men, everywhere. Hands down, the Blood of Jesus versus the blood of animals is far more superior! The Final Sacrifice has come and died once, for us all.

DR. WILHELMENA GODFREY is author of God’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Dr. Godfrey is an evangelist, teacher, and conference speaker. Dr. Godfrey has an earned Doctor of Theology from Vision Christian University, Ramona, California and a Certificate of Continuing Education for Leadership and Supervisory Skills for Women, Rockhurst, NY.

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