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WAR IN HEAVEN by Harold Owen Gregg


by Harold Owen Gregg

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

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ISBN : 9781662861451

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The war in heaven occurred when Satan refused to leave as he had agreed to do in an agreement made when God gave a ransom to save His new covenant people. There are many provisions to that agreement and many are described in this book. The most important was that Satan should have authority over the universe for a period of time and that he would leave heaven at the end of that period, described as “a time, and a time and half a time.” That agreement is referred to as the “ransom agreement” and includes the covenant with David, the end of prophets, the famine for the word of God, all the new covenant provisions, and many other provisions that determines all future events.
God’s salvation was of His own doing and is well established. When we consider all the concessions given in the ransom, it is easy to understand why God says that we are precious in His sight. He paid a high price to redeem the new covenant.
Harold Owen Gregg is the son of Forest and Allene Sandlin Gregg, and grandson of Harrison Tinsley and Nora Cagle Gregg of Marion County Alabama. After becoming a Christian at 37 years of age, I have studied the Bible for 53 years. I discovered the NASB in 2003 and have used it since that time. In 2012 I committed to bible study daily for the Lords promise to provide me understanding of the scriptures. He has provided that understanding.

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