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That's My House by Dr. Regina Murray

That's My House

Possess The Land

by Dr. Regina Murray

Pages: 38

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - School & Education - General
  • YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION - Business & Economics

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662864155

Price : $10.99

This book will be available to purchase on
December 25, 2022.

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781662864162

Price : $21.99

This book will be available to purchase on
December 25, 2022.

You can never start dreaming about your dream house too early. Or planning for it.
The dream of homeownership is not only for adults. Children and young adults also want to nudge their friends, proudly point, and shout, “That’s my house!” The dream, goal, and possibility of owning your own home, coupled with the path to building generational wealth and creating your family’s legacy through real estate ownership, should be introduced early in life.
In author and real estate/business professional Dr. Regina Murray’s informative, engaging, and entertaining book for young readers, That’s My House - Possess the Land, a group of middle schoolers’ dream of homeownership begins with a game on the school bus, and ends by becoming a reality.
The story follows middle school friends and neighbors Anaya, Amari, Reggie, and Yvette, best friends since kindergarten. Each day, they sit together on the bus to and from school, and play a game called “That’s My House,” by calling out all the houses that each student wants to live in and own as the school bus passes.
When one friend suggests they start a “That’s My House” club, plans are set in motion for the children to take action, get empowered, and prepare to make the group’s dream come true.
Their dream of homeownership can become your reality too. A clear path is paved for you inside these wise and insightful pages. The youth of today can become the homeowners of tomorrow.
Just remember: That’s your house... so go get it!

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