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Pages: 142

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662865879

Price : $17.99

Parents Guilty Conscious is mostly about Parents who leave their children behind to go work in foreign countries for years hoping to enrich and change the lives of their children and family members left behind. Unknowingly to them this affects them as parents and also the children left behind lack of parental love, they grow without their parents, but they gain the better life that their parents never had. The children are emotionally detached from the motherly love for years that can never be recovered. Then this comes with manipulation from relatives, friends and spouses or even grandparents who are left behind to take care of the children. The emotional, financial drain that comes with the separation and mostly being taken advantage of by the very people you trust, through monetary gains and black mail it’s something I can never understand. I never knew I would be a young mother and would raise my children using video calls on computers and phones. How I manage is just a mystery. And I thank God for technology. The book is named Cherobet because it based on my 2 children mostly Chero is the short form of Cherotich (my daughter’s name). Bet is Kibet my son’s name.

Emmah Achoch is a mother of three. Emma prefers using the name Sekeyi because it’s her native name and it symbolizes the tribe on her mother’s side. Emma will soon officially change to the name Sekeyi because she has used it since childhood. She has a podcast called Parent’s Guilty Conscience and it’s based on her book. Emma was inspired to change the podcast into a book and that is how Cherobet was born. Emma liked that she could freely express herself in her podcast. Emma’s hobbies include writing, cooking, shopping and being with family.
Before embarking on writing and podcasting, Emma wanted to study nursing which maybe she will but she is still debating on it. Emma grew up reading novels especially Romance and she has a weakness. Emma also loves buying clothes for every occasion.
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