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Vegas X-Files by Sam Kim

Vegas X-Files

My Story

by Sam Kim

Pages: 130

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Entertainment & Performing Arts
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Cultural, Ethnic & Regional - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662867774

Price : $14.49

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Las Vegas is a melting pot of different cultures and races. This is a place where a special culture called casino is located. People who visit this place enjoy this atmosphere and deviate from daily life. However, the people who live here are struggling to create a better future and environment for Las Vegas. Beyond Vegas as a tourist city, we hope to become a place that gives comfort and beauty to everyone, a place that gives vitality to those who are tired of boredom, a place where families enjoy together, and a place where young people radiate youth and gain vitality. It is a place with a duality that embraces a lot of decadence and absurdity.
The author have his own point of view, and he analyzes and talks about this subtle and complex place.

Author Sam Kim was born and raised in Korea, received religious education in a Christian family, and studied at the Presbyterian College in Korea. And when he came to America, he was influenced by Neville Goddard and Eckhart Tolle, and their ideology approached with an oriental thought that was not unfamiliar to him, who was familiar with Eastern culture and life. The author honestly talks about his experiences coming to the United States and settling in Las Vegas. With the culture and consciousness of Asians, he interprets and disassembles life and the environment in Las Vegas, where American society and casinos are lined up, from his own point of view, and expresses himself. To be made into a story.

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