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My Divine Experiences by Brian Scott

My Divine Experiences

Jesus said, "Go back and tell what you have seen!"

by Brian Scott

Pages: 108

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BIBLES - Christian Standard Bible - Reference
  • RELIGION - Biblical Commentary - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662887048

Price : $16.49

This book will be available to purchase on
December 10, 2023.

There comes a time when we arrive at a place in our spiritual lives where we contemplate what is most important to us for our future. The only way anyone can truly know that is by trusting in Jesus Christ alone, and allowing nothing else to get in the way of that trust and faith. As a spirit-filled believer, author Brian Scott knows the utmost importance of understanding that we need the Holy Spirit to guide us in the right direction, now more than ever, as this world is growing more complicated by the minute. Jesus, our “true north” compass, commanded us to, “Go back and tell what you have seen,” (Luke 7:22).
In My Divine Experiences, Brian obeys this instruction by sharing his inspiring, revelatory true-life story, and first-hand spiritual testimony, with all who are willing to read and hear. Born with profound hearing loss that deeply affected and challenged his life and formative years, the author’s faith and relationship with God grew by leaps and bounds through these critical years and the trials faced.
Giving honest spiritual testimony plays a crucial part in giving people proof that God’s purpose for our lives often is revealed in the special dreams He places on our hearts, and allows us to experience. The author prays that this book may serve as a guiding light to light the path of knowledge for those wanting to see that spiritual dreams and visions do come true. This book was written for all those who want a deeper discovery of who God is, and want to experience how His love is far greater than human understanding.

Author Photo

Rev. Brian Scott, and his Beautiful Wife, Cindy, reside in Florida. They have been Serving in various Ministries; Visiting Hospital, and Nursing Homes, and Feeding the Hungry. Their hearts are to serve the Lord so that Others may Know Him, and be Blessed with His Salvation, and His Bountiful Gifts.”

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