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A Latin Legacy by Harold E. Collins

A Latin Legacy

An Italian family's proud ancestorial name is restored by "old world" justice in another Harry Conden Probate Court based murder mystery.

by Harold E. Collins

Pages: 230

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Mystery & Detective - General
  • FICTION - Legal
  • FICTION - Crime

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662887949

Price : $16.99

The death of my client’s mother precipitated a wide-ranging Probate Court proceeding that uncovered multiple suspicious deaths while exposing enormous wealth, built in large part on the criminal traditions of an old-world Italian family. Trying to break free from the corrupt Latin heritage of its elder members, justice prevails in the unique restoration of the family’s good name from generations past.
After sixty years of a very successful wide-ranging private law practice, complimented by a number of equally successful business activities, the author has drawn on those experiences to create a new career as an author. Many of the characters and situations in his Probate Court-based murder mysteries are real, but changed to protect their privacy. As such, his books are fiction.

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The author has been writing 60 years for law clients. His first book “Rich & Judgment Proof” was a complement to his estate and financial planning law practice with its multiple asset protection strategies. Next came “A Widowers’ Journey In Faith, Love And Good Humor,” a memoir to his late wife Marilyn and an introduction to his new wife Friederike who rescued him from that grief. His next book “The Chartreuse Suitcase” was a fictional murder mystery drawn from the archives of his law practice. Its probate court venue is appropriate for a story involving wealth, greed, lust, and multiple suspicious deaths. The reader is left as judge and jury in our court of cultural morality. 
The next book, “An Heir of Innocence?” is again drawn from his old probate court files as yet another fictional murder mystery. Wealth, greed, lust, and even more suspicious characters remain the common denominator. You the reader will again be judge and jury. This new book, “A Latin Legacy”, is another Probate Court based fictional murder mystery inspired by the author’s clients and their cases, but this time cast in an international plot. Enjoy!

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