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AM I CURSED OR GIFTED? by Pauline Shapiro


by Pauline Shapiro

Pages: 148

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662889813

Price : $14.49

Polly has a secret. It’s a secret she is afraid to tell anyone for fear of being ostracized. Even her parents don’t support their daughter, believing her to simply have a great imagination and be prone to wild flights of fancy. Although she grows up in a mixed Christian denomination household where there is minimal religious instruction, Polly gives her life to Christ. Regardless of how often she prays to have it all go away, her gift grows stronger as she gets older. Am I Cursed or Gifted? is the compelling memoir of a spiritually gifted child who has no support at home or in the Christian community. Her experiences range from comforting to terrifying, but as she grows, she learns that her gift can be used to keep herself and others safe. Follow along with Polly as she experiences personal and spiritual growth, coming to terms with the gift that she was given by the Holy Spirit.

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Pauline has been married to her husband for 46 years; together they raised two girls. She served as a Navy Seabee wife for 20 years, moving their young family to Wales in the 80’s. They made good friends and were there to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer with the whole country, an experience of a lifetime. Collecting cookbooks and family recipes to recreate the lovely food she shared with her English, Welsh, and Scottish friends became a passion. 
When they returned to the US, they moved every three years. They were able to experience the history of Florida and visit the wonderful forts built there. They also experienced the fun of Madi Gras in Mississippi and New Orleans. Each move brought amazing new cultures and traditions that were unique to each state.
She was delighted to add a son to their family when her youngest daughter married a wonderful man; much to her delight she also gained a bonus daughter and granddaughter as well (his sister and niece). Her daughter quickly added another granddaughter and grandson to the family and now her joy was complete.
Pauline currently lives in Montana on a small homestead with her husband and their oldest daughter. Her hobbies are spoiling her grandchildren, gardening, canning, and tending her chickens. She is always dreaming of adding more animals. She is a chronic planner and is always working on the next PowerPoint to send to her three grandchildren about her annual camp grandma or planning the next Family holiday.

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