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The Secret of God by Julius Bisaso

The Secret of God

Unveiling human spirituality and the path to the true faith

by Julius Bisaso

Pages: 348

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • PHILOSOPHY - Religious
  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662891069

Price : $33.99

In this profound exploration of human spirituality, the book embarks on a captivating journey across diverse belief systems, ranging from ancient traditions to contemporary ideologies. It meticulously unveils the rich tapestry of religious and spiritual landscapes, celebrating the creativity, resilience, and diversity inherent in the human quest for meaning.
The narrative navigates through major world religions, unconventional belief systems, and the foundational doctrines of Christianity, providing a comprehensive lens for evaluating their origins, longevity, relevance, predictive accuracy, and evidence of divine power. Through a comparative analysis, the book accentuates the strengths and limitations of each belief system, fostering understanding rather than judgment. Delving into the mystery, it unravels the shadows of the Old Testament and illuminates the radiant light of the New, inviting readers into a profound exploration of God’s redemptive plan. The book concludes with an invitation for sincere seekers to embark on their own journey of discovery, embracing the beauty in diversity and the enduring pursuit of spiritual truths that resonate with the depths of the human spirit.

Author Photo

Bisaso Julius, passionate advocate for education, Principal Academic at Kristo Purpose Ministries, Trained by American, European, and Ugandan missionaries, holds a bachelor’s degree in education (History and Theological Studies) and is pursuing master’s degrees in Christian Education and Counseling Psychology. A top graduate from African Bible University, Bisaso blends profound teaching skills with expository apologetics. His debut book, “The Secret of God,” explores diverse belief systems through his 5-level criteria born from a personal journey navigating Catholicism, Islam, and mainstream Christianity. Join him on a transformative journey, unraveling spiritual mysteries and embracing the beauty of diversity. “The Secret of God” is an invitation to a lifelong exploration of faith.

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