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From Father's Hands to Mine by Rita Arrington

From Father's Hands to Mine

by Rita Arrington

Pages: 166

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Church - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498463898

Price : $15.49

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Mrs. Rita Arrington has learned after many years of listening, how to hear the true voice of God and when she hears Him speak, she stands in full attention at that very moment to hear what He shares from Heaven with her at which time she shares it with us.  Mrs. Rita Arrington (BKA, Momma Rita) always tell about her conversation with Father; in hope to get “if only one” to have the same desire to want to know God just as like herself.  Many have asked her if she thinks her God would also be their God and her answer is always “IF YOU WANT HIM TO BE”.
People come up to her all the time, talking about; BUT! But’ I have done this or that, and I’ve stolen, cheated, and hurt many in this way, that, or the other and I no longer wish to be this way. I want to know more about this God and Jesus you’re always speaking of, that you know loves you and that He would also love me, but, how could He love me because like I said, I’ve been so bad that… which time she would stop them as she look in their eyes and say; None of that matters to God, if you’re real about Him. Once they say, their real about receiving God and have faith in Jesus, she tells them, they have just been adopted into the family.  Mrs. Rita Arrington, have dedicated her later years into touching people in a way that cannot be mistaken that she is a true child of God.  In her many stories she shares with us the good, bad and ugly of her own life and how she found God to be a man of His word, that He have no respect of person and there is nothing and or anyone that’s too bad, ugly, uneducated or otherwise, for Him to use, that He may get all the glory.
Mrs. Rita Arrington has been a mother of blessing to many with the blessing of which God have graced her with.  Her first book (Sop a little spiritual ragu, while boiling in the oil) tell us that, if , we sop (eat) a bit of God’s word every day, that we could handle any situation we face in this thing call life. As like this book (From Father’s Hands to Mine) she shows us that the closer we get to God, the closer He come to us and if we give our full attention to Him, He then, will share secretes from Heaven directly to us.  
Mrs. Rita Arrington  is now in the process of writing her third book (COME!) Of which, everyone, is waiting to encounter.  Mrs. Rita Arrington, style of writing is very real and enthusiastic as she stirs folks up in wanting to know more about her God. Reading her collections give one the sense of being touch somehow by God, Himself. 
Mrs. Rita Arrington, has given her life to God to do “His Will” with her, for she knows, she’s nothing without Him. She tells us all the time how God, is always working on her in one form, fashion or another.  Nevertheless, she’s devoted to her God and Jesus, doing everything with the help of the Holy Spirit, of whom she will fail without.
Mrs. Rita Arrington resides in Oak Park, IL.

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