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In A World Full Of Nabal's Be An Abigail by Angela Deese

In A World Full Of Nabal's Be An Abigail

"It is not our job to retaliate against the addicted and broken, it is our job to love."

by Angela Deese

Pages: 252

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545649176

Price : $17.49

In this non-fiction book Angela tells the story of Nabal
and Abigail’s journey, but she also tells of the journey
that she has been on with her own husband’s alcoholism.
Her transparency with her own feelings and thoughts
will be helpful to all those that suffer with an addict.
The alcoholism and the pain that goes along with it
has been a fight for her all of her married life. Angela
doesn’t want you ever to feel alone in the battle of the
bottle. She knows what it feels like to experience the pain
of watching a loved one suffer with addiction. She has
been married for forty years and has went around the
same mountain of alcoholism from her father and her
husband. She encourages women to be the best that they can be through their own
circumstances and the Word of God.
Abigail was known for her beauty and countenance, but Nabal was known because
he was foolish. Though Angela has been a Christian since 1989, she has not been
exempt from the pain of her own husband’s alcoholism. Come and see what
God has given in this journey of alcoholism, and see how to get on your donkey
and ride! Learn how God wants us all to be women of beauty and of a good
countenance, even when our world is not perfect.
This easy to read and heartfelt book is a must for everyone who is struggling with
addiction, or a loved one that is involved in alcohol, or drugs. Angela shares her
heart and family struggles, so that anyone going through a hurtful relationship can
have hope and peace through Jesus Christ.

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