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Holy Spirit continues to move at the Father’s bidding to renew spiritual values needed by believers to enhance their advancement towards the Kingdom of God on Earth. As a teacher of Biblical Victorious Living this author draws from his many hours of counseling and hundreds of pulpit messages to collate this volume. Each chapter is a review of the answer to a question posed by many of “What is?” In this book the question is followed by a subject of discussion. Reading this Table of Contents will highlight some insights. Spiritual knowledge is a great weapon against the serpent who continues his initial tactic in the Garden to issue false analysis of God’s word. Answers from this book will empower your resistance of taking a bite of what he offers. Being empowered with Spiritual insights enables a disciple the statue of eternal knowledge that polishes their shield of faith. No matter the harassment from the serpent the lesson learned by readers is There is Victory in YAHshua!

Daniel Blanton founded and pastors, with his wife Emily, the Victorious Living Chapel in Columbus, Georgia. Their vision is to identify, equip, and release believers in ministry gifts and callings. Their passion to minister the “fullness of the Godhead bodily” in the Church is constantly evident in their lives. They work in hope for a united Church of Jews and Gentiles according to Ephesians 2:11-22. Daniel moves in the Spirit of order and excellence challenging disciples to move to their next level of spiritual competence. As an apostle of YAHshua, he is fearless in releasing the Truth of God. Hundreds have been touched and changed by his ministry of Victorious Living. The Chapel has established a Christian Training Center whose mission is to identify, train, and release disciples in their ministry call and gifts.

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