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  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

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The domain of the Lord is eternal. According to His personal confession “He does not Change.” This means what has been lost through sin needs to be renewed for reception and application by those wishing to follow the Lord. His creative spirit established the Earth as the place for the final confrontation between His adversary and Himself. His word describing this is encased in what we know as the Bible. It chronicles God’s plan for victory from start to finish. The tragedy of the first Adam’s failure set in motion God’s plan that brought a second Adam to Earth. He is the Captain of our salvation and Spiritual renewal. He will lead disciples to the final victory of the Lord. Forerunners have a major role in concluding the final showdown between Christ and the adversary of His Father.
Forerunners follow their Holy Spirit-inspired pace to bring renewal to Biblical Truth the serpent has clouded from the sight of and application by Christians. This ministry prepares the way of the Lord. Personal loneliness experienced during the Forerunner’s journey is comforted by the ever-present joy of accomplishments that please the Father. Living in His will is a major strength that carries Forerunners to the end of their ministry. This end comes sometimes by an untimely death orchestrated by enemies of God’s Word! Two-deep leadership is often the lifestyle shared by a Forerunner “team.” Holy Spirit does call two disciples to minister together. Two-deep leadership is an ordained failsafe witness that protects each if accusations rise during their ministry.

Daniel Blanton founded and pastors, with his wife Emily, the Victorious Living Chapel in Columbus, Georgia. Their vision is to identify, equip, and release disciples in ministry gifts and callings. Their passion is to minister the “fullness of the Godhead bodily” in the Church is constantly evident in their lives. They work in hope of a united Church of Jews and Gentiles according to Ephesians 2:11-22. Daniel moves in the Spirit of order and excellence challenging disciples to move to their next level of spiritual competence. As an apostle of YAHshua he is fearless in releasing the Truth of God. Hundreds have been touched and changed by his ministry of Victorious Living.
Some men have the unholy gift to mislead. This can dupe people hungry for spiritual truth. If one’s heart is pure it is not easily filled with altered Biblical insights. The word “Forerunner is becoming a buzzword” of the hour. As with any renewed revelation, some people are easily confused. This comes from what one thinks they know against what they need to learn.
Hopefully, this book on Forerunners will clear up some misunderstandings. May others be set on or continue the track of Forerunner they are following. 

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